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The first step in your e-business plan involves establishing an Internet presence. This involves developing a web site that is a reflection of your company. NETcellent can help you accomplish this by capturing all the information about your company and helping you to establish your company's web site.

We can help you develop your web site from the "ground up". This means we will invest the time to design the layout for your company's web site, and provide the graphics for the web site. If you already have a layout in mind, and have the graphics you want to use, then we can develop your web site according to your specifications.

In addition, you can be sure that we will employ the latest technologies to web site design to your site. For example, the current trend toward highly interactive and stimulating web sites has increased the popularity of such tools as Macromedia Flash®, Java Applets, and Javascript to create interactivity, animation, and personalization to create a complete "user experience". We will even make sure your web site ranks high on the top search engines. Our web site development team will work with you to employ these technologies to create the vision you have in mind for your site!

Our web site development process will address several key issues of importance to your company's successful online presence.

  Everyone knows the typical Internet audience is even more vast and diverse than your regular audience. With this in mind, web sites must be developed to have appealing content for a wide range of people. We can help you design a site that reaches the widest audience possible, and creates a personalized "user experience"
  The three fundamental principles of web design are an attractive design, easy and intuitive navigation, and interesting, updated content that appeals to the user. By meeting just these three principles you can be guaranteed the user will have a pleasant experience at your site and will likely be back. Our team of experienced designers, developers, and programmers will work together to not only meet these principles but also exceed them so your user not has not just a pleasant experience but also an amazing experience on your web site.
  No one can be successful on the Internet if your customer can't find you. We can help you optimize your site so search engines can easily index your page, resulting in an increase in site "hits".
  We have the expertise to design "Scalable" web solutions to meet your company's future needs. Not many companies have the knowledge to design stateless web solutions in a web farm environment. NETcellent knows how to do this and this is one of our biggest strengths.

The most important factor is no matter how we work to design your web site; we will work together, with you, to develop a web site that is an extension of your company, and a direct reflection of the unique organization you are.

So whether it's a small or large project, we will be happy to provide you with a quote! Contact us today!

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