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Top Ten Rules Of E-Business

E-Business can be an overwhelming task to implement into any company. Luckily, some of the most basic principles that apply to running your business can also be applied to E-Business solutions. The June 21, 2000 issue of PCMagazine printed the following "Ten Rules Of E-Business"

Relationships Matter.
The most important e-business solutions help you improve your relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

Size Matters.
Big companies are winners on the web. Small companies with a specific niche can be too. But being in-between is hard.

Velocity Matters.
Getting a quick solution is more important than finding the perfect solution. The key is to get a solution that works.

Integration Matters.
The ideal e-business solution works for your whole business, not just one department.

Technology Matters.
Existing systems matter, but don't let them dictate your future.

Partners Matter.
When choosing an e-business solution, you want a partner you can trust to stick around.

Uptime Matters.
No one cares how good your system would have been if it had been working.

Security Matters.
You must make sure that private information is kept private.

Flexibility Matters.
Listen carefully to your customers and suppliers so that you can be prepared for the changes that will come.

Bottom line Matters.
While retail business increases revenue, B2B business can reduce costs. Go for the maximum gain or the greatest reduction of pain.

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