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Davidsons Inc.


Davidson's had an existing web site that required an update to deliver true e-business performance. They wanted to dynamically link their retailers with an important source of new business….the customer.Visit GalleryOfGuns.com By developing a front-end solution that integrated smoothly with the back-end application, Elliott Business Software we were able to provide that functionality. Davidsons can now deliver real-time inventory quotes and status. Additionally through the use of custom developed Active X components, Davidsons is able to alert customers when a product is received via Elliott's unique event handling feature and custom emails. Take a look at some of the functionality and features of the new Gallery Of Guns Web Site below.

Stock Watch

Start A Stock WatchThe Stock Watch feature on the Gallery of Guns Web Site takes advantage of the event handlers in Elliott Business Software, as well as employing an Active X component to link directly to Elliott. If a customer arrives at the galleryofguns.com looking for a specific product to find it is no longer in stock the option of being notified when the item is received via e-mail is given.

The user simply needs to provide their e-mail address and an event/action is created in Elliott. When a Purchase Order is received and posted in Elliott, (event), then the e-mail will be sent to the user notifying them the item has been received.

"Retailer Near You"

Find A "Retailer Near You"The "Retailer Near You" feature allows the user to enter a zip code and locate the Retailer in their area. In addition to being able to view the nearest resellers, users can also view contact information and even view a Yahoo! map to show the directions to the Retailers place of business.

Power Search

Conduct A Power SearchThe Power Search is a unique feature that allows a user to search for the item they are interested in. This feature utilizes an Active X component to take the item name, description, quantity, and price from the Elliott Business Software package. This relationship between the front end browser interface and the back end business software package enables the user to not only search for the item they are interested in but all view all the item information in "real time". Such real time processing allows the information to updated through the use of every day processing, such as receiving and posting a Purchase Order in the business software, and eliminates the need for manual updates to the item information.

Gun Locator

Locate Your Favorite Gun With The Gun LocatorBut the primary focus of this solution is the unique interaction between retailer and consumer. Any consumer can visit the site, search for the product they are interested in, and request bids from various retailers in the specified area. This process is encapsulated in the Gun Locator area of the web site, a unique are that allows the visitor to shop for their item from the comfort of their own home.

Once the request is placed, emails are sent to five retailers all of whom have the option of "bidding" for the consumers business. The retailers have the option of selling their own inventory or selling Davidson's inventory. Once bids are received from the retailer, an e-mail is sent to the consumer notifying them of the bid. The consumer can then return to the web site, log in to their account and view all bids.

But the process goes one better. If the consumer accepts a bid, a final e-mail is sent to the retailer verifying they still have the item in stock. If so, the consumer is charged a deposit and the transaction is complete from Davidsons side. Also, at this point, an order can be automatically created for Davidsons to replenish the retailers' inventory. All of this was implemented using various ActiveX components to bind the front-end interface to the back-end application, as well as a database link to provide additional content and functionality.

This unique interaction benefits all parties involved and sums up the primary principles of e-business. The consumer has a central location where he/she can search for an item through several retailers, thus ensuring the best possible price. The dealer has important resource for generating revenue and new potential customers. And Davidsons succeeds in strengthening customer relations as well as securing immediate orders to replenish inventory.

Shooting Times

Read the Latest News at the Shooting Times Research CenterResearch has shown that the longer a customer stays at the site, the more likely a purchase will be made. Understanding this basic principle, Davidson's site employs a several area of their web site to education, news and informational purposes. One such area is the Shooting Times Research Center. This area displays news and articles for the user to browse.

The NewsCenter area itself, dynamically displays the latest news updates in the industry. This dynamic display eliminates stagnated displays of information and manual updates.

The maintenance of the other portions of this area, such as Gun Reviews and Featured Articles employs the use of Microsoft Site Server® to ease the updating routine. Using Site Server, updating the areas with new articles can be easily done by simply dragging and dropping the new article into the specified area.

Shooters Lodge

Start A Conversation at the Shooters LodgeThe Shooter's Lodge is another area that encourages the visitor to browse and learn more about the industry. There is a Collectors Corner to display articles of interest to collectors of guns, as well as links to popular radio and TV shows that pertain to the gun industry.

The focal point of this area of the web site, however, is the discussion center. This feature allows users to communicate with one another in a web based format. This service is essentially a message board, allowing users to post there comments, questions, or replies in a forum related to their interests. This interaction also allows them to interact with like minded individuals, share their knowledge and get answers to questions. Such a feature provides an important step in encouraging the customer to return to the site.

Gift Shop

Subscribe To Your Favorite Magazine at the Gift ShopAlthough still under construction at this time, the gift shop will be an area that allows visitors to purchase gifts and novelties from Gallery Of Guns. Additionally, visitors will be able to subscribe to some of their favorite magazines online.

Many hours and extensive effort were placed into this award winning project. Various forms of knowledge and tools have been employed in successfully developing and deploying the site, including, but not limited to HTML, ASP, Visual Basic, MS SQL, Cyber Cash, MS Site Server.


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