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What Is E-Business?

When most people hear the word e-business, they immediately equate it to e-commerce. It is true that providing your customers the opportunity to purchase products and services online is an essential part of the e-business vision, but it is only one component of the overall goal.

E-business evaluates the overall process of your business. Rather than only considering how to handle order transactions, your e-business solution will probably address such areas as purchasing, accounts receivable, and inventory management. Taking a look at the "whole picture" will open new doors and enhance the way your company does business.

Take a look at some of the examples of e-business that you may want to consider including in your e-business solution.

How does your sales department handle its information?
  Maybe your solution involves a system that allows your sales people to manage contact information, handle sales leads, as well as generating orders online.
Can you make your customer's life easier?
  What about allowing customers to review their account information? Handling simple tasks such as changing their address or inquiring about their account balance, can ease the workflow of your customer service department and make your customers happy with instant access to the information they need. Placing the ability to email your customer service department with further questions that may require more detail is also an option worth considering.
How does your company interact with your suppliers?
  If it's possible to submit orders to your suppliers via the Internet you can streamline your companies purchasing procedures. The ability to manage your accounts and even notify your customers of new inventory automatically will help achieve a successful e-business solution.
How is your current inventory managed?
  Developing a dynamic catalog of your products that is driven by a database is useful to both your customers and business partners. Within a matter of moments they can determine if you have inventory in stock, and if you don't, when you might be expected to receive it. Making all of this information available in real-time to your users is essential.

If all of this seems overwhelming, don't worry. NETcellent has just the right combination of expertise and knowledge to guide you through the complicated beginnings to the final web site launch!

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