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An integrated e-business solution means increased efficiency and lower operation costs for your business. Our integrated e-business solutions will provide your customers and vendors with a direct link to your company. They will be able to view
credit history, order status, inventory stock and availability, and more in real-time, which means they no longer will need to contact your customer service department to obtain this type of information. Instead, they have the opportunity to get the information themselves on-line, instantly, and whenever they need it, thus reducing the "back and forth" communication often encountered when dealing with customer service. It is the integration to your financial application, like Elliott Business Software, that makes this possible. We can tailor a solution that communicates directly between your front end web site and the back end financial appliction. Using this method, the "middle step" is eliminated and the overall business process is greatly improved. Overall, an e-business solution can:

Improve margins by using lower-cost processes.
Reduce costs associated with standard business practices such as printing invoices, order acknowledgments, and postage of mailing catalogs.
Provide customers with faster, more accurate and accessible service.

Your e-business solution might include, but is hardly limited to…

Integrated Web Order Entry System

This solution will provide you with a web based order entry system that will directly link to your company’s financial application. It will reduce your company’s operating cost by eliminating the need for additional resources to handle order entry.

Order Status Inquiry

Your customers will be able to view their order status on-line.

View Account Balances

Being able to get account balances on-line in a timely and efficient manner will increase customer’s productivity and satisfaction.

Inventory Inquiry

Allowing your customers to check inventory availability on line is essential to your e-business strategy. A direct link to your back end inventory application means that your customers will be able to view your company’s inventory in real time.


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